Using Your Keywords as Guides

Visual Exercise
Once you have completed the exercise above, review your list of keywords. Select a single word, a pairing, or a cluster that you that particularly sparks your curiosity. Review the photographs from your archive that elicit the keyword(s). Spend the next day or two shooting more pictures inspired by this theme. Shoot at least two dozen pictures. Review these images, compare them to your earlier photographs, reflect on and write about them. Are you seeing repeating and recurring ideas? Are there any new or surprising aspects to these images? Can you discover change or evolution? If you can see it, can you also write about it; how you explain the change, how you feel about it?

Keep repeating this exercise. Select new keywords and follow the same process. Wait a few days and then go back to your first keyword. Keep reviewing, reflecting, writing. Keep trying to articulate what seems be constant in your vision, keep trying to identify where you see the emergence of something new, and continue to be mindful of how you are responding to this process intellectually, creatively, emotionally.


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