4 | Gear

You will need two inscription tools to complete the exercises in The Deeper Dive: some kind of camera and a writing instrument. Use whatever you want: a fancy DSLR camera or your smart phone’s camera, a digital writing app or just a pencil and paper. Your approach can be anything along the spectrum from low- to high-tech. Just make choices that feel like they reflect who you are.

Consider carefully your feelings about privacy.

You may want to keep your images tucked away on your personal laptop or your phone. You might want to print out some of your images, but only for your viewing. You can make this choice. You can do all the reflective writings in a personal journal.

Or you may want to share your images and words with an audience, which can be as small or as large as you wish. Your audience could be a partner or your family, you could exhibit prints but keep your journal private. But you could also decide to share this work with the world. You may want to post your images to Instagram or Facebook, or publish your images and words together via a platform like WordPress (which is what you’re reading right now).

The nuances of who you share with, and how you do it, that’s all up to you. Each of us defines our audience differently. Your own version of The Deeper Dive can be as personal or as public as you wish. Do what feels comfortable. The same for equipment and technology: the focus here is on process: ideas and reflection – not machines, gadgets, or apps.

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