3 | Structure

The contents of the Deeper Dives section is organized sequentially, the ‘Getting Started’ section is meant to help you do exactly that. If you’re a novice who has never done any kind of journaling before, visual or written, taking the first step, even knowing what that means, can feel confusing and intimidating.

But even if you’re seasoned and have been doing something like this for a long time, you know that creativity is cyclical. We become excited and inspired, then ideas crystalize and play themselves out. Our ideas evolve, clarify, and then things wind down. So you pause to catch your breath. But soon you are ready to get back in the groove, and yet you feel strangely clueless. Getting started again is always a challenge – for all of us, myself included.

The 6-step sequence in Deeper Dives can guide you through a complete creative process: making a start, developing a reflective practice, looking versus seeing, silencing your doubts and fears, being an adventurer instead of just a tourist, and then knowing how to come full circle and find closure.

If you do complete the sequence in order, take a short rest and then start at the beginning again. You’ll find that your creative instincts have evolved. You’ll absorb the material differently, and your responses to the visual and writing prompts will be fresh, surprising, and empowering.

You should also feel free to jump around and explore these five steps out of sequence, especially if this is not your first go-round on the creative cycle. There may be a particular section that you’re most drawn to. Follow your intuition, plot your own course through the creative landscape.

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