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If this is your first visit to The Deeper Dive, let me give you some introduction.

I began my life as an artist behind a camera and in the darkroom. My practice, and how I think about art making, has evolved over time and I have discovered that I think more like a painter and a poet, but photography has always felt like my first home.

Photography, writing, and reflection have changed my life. We make pictures of the world as a way to capture ideas and create meaning. Our images are often smarter than we are. If we take the time to reflect on and really look at what we are seeing, it slowly changes us. The fusion of image making with writing can be a powerful agent of transformation.

These beliefs have been the foundation of both my art practice and my teaching approach for many years.

In the age of Covid-19 and given the current uncertainties of teaching in person, this  project – The Deeper Dive – seems like an effective way to share these beliefs and methods beyond my physical classroom. I share the material to my own students, but also want to offer it as a gift to anyone who might find it valuable.

Behind the other link on the main page – Deeper Dives – I’ve organized a series of exercises that can help readers understand how to combine image making with reflective writing. They are designed as a linear progression: Getting Started will ease you into the water, and with each new chapter the water gets a little deeper until, hopefully, Making Meaning retrieves you out of the deepest depths and guides you back to shore. That, at least, is my intent. But of course, artists are compulsive rule-breakers, so you may prefer to invent your own path through. I might just suggest that this sequence can also be thought of simply as a loop – reaching the end is really an invitation to simply start the process over. If anything, that seems to be my own experience as an artist.

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