Jack Barnosky

Jack Barnosky Texas, USA Lens, Prism, Palimpsest I am thinking of the first three sentences that begin Samuel R. Delany’s secret literary masterpiece, Dhalgren: “to wound the autumnal city.

Breath | Holding

Breath | Holding | my valentine to a much beloved teacher, mentor, friend I wish I could say that when I arrived at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early 1980’s to attend graduate sch

Paula Rae Gibson

Paula Rae Gibson London, UK In repairing the object you really end up loving it more, because you now know its eagerness to be reassembled, and in running a fingertip over its surface you alone c

Tytia Habing

Tytia HabingWatson, Illinois, USA  The world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch

Catherine Just

Catherine JustLos Angeles, USA No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.

Joanna Chudy

Joanna Chudy Bielsko-Biała, Poland In my memory are sky and earth and sea, ready at hand along with all the things  that  I  have  ever  been  able  to  perceiv

Mélanie-Jane Frey

Mélanie-Jane Frey Paris, France “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.

Karen Divine

Karen Divine Colorado, USA Confession | Courage | Catharsis On the surface, Karen Divine’s images feel colorful and playful – and in many ways they are.

Jennifer Liston Potter

Jennifer Liston Potter Tennessee, USA Pictures From Home We often think of photography as a medium that mines the external world for images of the foreign and exotic.

Eula Biss | John Bresland

ODE TO EVERY THING Eula Biss | John Bresland Chicago, USA I was reminded, as I viewed Ode to Every Thing, that in the Old Testament, the Genesis story describes how Adam was fashioned from the dust o