The Origins of an Imagined Landscape

Imagining the place | (or the day the Madonna appeared on my computer screen) I remember fumbling my way through the door and out into the bright sunlit corridor, astonished by my abrupt re-entry back

Self-reflection | Self-knowledge

For all of us, it begins with a vague fascination with taking photographs. In some cases it might be closer to a compulsion or even obsession.

Visual Exercise | 10 Things I Saw Today

10 THINGS I SAW TODAY Exercise: Starting today, begin shooting at least 10 photographs a day. I am always surprised by how many people seem initially overwhelmed by this.

Writing Picturing Inscribing

There are many different ways to explore and contemplate our lives, and there are just as many different methods to capture and inscribe this process.

Getting Lost

A Field Guide to Getting Lost Rebecca Solnit We live in a world that refuses us the possibility of getting lost.

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In short, this site focuses on photography and creativity, and is meant to appeal particularly to those with an interest in work that can in someway be understood as incorporating autobiography and me