Urban Diary: more information

Technical notes: I apologize to those with limited graphic capabilites, or with very slow connections. The largest files are the diary pages themselves, which average 100K. It is ideal to view the images in 24-bit color, although 8-bit color seems adequate. This piece also requires the use of a browser that can read jpeg files, such as Netscape.
Navigation tips: Graphical maps allow you to click on particular items in an image, which serve as links to other information. Here's a simple example of how the Urban Diary pages are organized: All pages are numbered in the top-left and the bottom-right. The top-left page number takes you back to the previous page. The bottom-right page number takes you forward to the next page. The words "urban diary" in the bottom-left will take you to an index of all the pages. Each page has "clickable" items, which will take you to linked material.