is a collection of written pieces on various aspects of art and technology. This area of the place is text-dense, and intended only for those with a true love for reading.


"Out of the Cave, Into the Web". How will network technologies effect future artistic practice, especially photography? This piece originally appeared in Exposure, the Journal of the Society for Photographic Education.

"Web Tribes" is a short experimental piece I wrote for Switch, an electronic journal published by the CADRE Institute, San Jose State University.

"Back To The Future: Artists and Electronic Publishing" is an essay that draws parallels between the birth of photography in the 19th Century, and today's emergence of new electronic tools. It is an illustrated text that presents examples of artists using new technologies, particularly CD-ROMs and the World Wide Web, and discusses photography's possible evolution in the 21st Century. This paper was delivered in March 1996, at the Society for Photographic Education National Conference, Los Angeles, California.

"New Perspectives: Art and Design in the Digital Age", was produced collectively with two collegues, Nan Goggin and Kathleen Chmelewski. We often work as a collaborative group, calling ourselves ad319. First published in May 1994, for the Tenth Annual Computers and Writing Conference, University of Missouri.

"Art, Community and the Colonization of the Internet". A lecture I delivered at the Technology and Ethics Symposium, Purdue University, October 1995.

"Artists on the Internet" was prepared for presentation at INET '95, the annual conference of the Internet Society. This paper was produced collaboratively with Ann Bishop of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois. It summarizes the results of user surveys conducted for three art sites on the Web. Ann did, by far, most of the work on this project. My input was only secondary.