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Scratching the surface, or the deeper dive?

Art making is a research process. Its a form of inquiry. Its an approach to exploring and knowing the world by way of methods that are distinctly different from those practiced in the realms of science and technology; methods that might be visual, performative, non-verbal, non-linear, or even intuitive. Yet these modes of research, synthesis, …


Visual Exercise | 10 Things I Saw Today

Exercise: Starting today, begin shooting at least 10 photographs a day.

I am always surprised by how many people seem initially overwhelmed by this. If you are inclined to panic, don’t. It may seem intimidating, even insurmountable at first. But that generally goes away pretty quickly. It will probably start to feel …


Edna Dott

Edna Dott
Texas, USA

A beauty that is innocent, but not naive ::
There are currently 1.5 billion smart phones in the world, and 45% of american adults own one. By 2015, there were approximately 92 million Flickr subscribers, 300 million active Instagram users, and 1.5 billion registered Facebook accounts. Smart phones and digital cameras have made electronic …


Writing | Picturing | Inscribing

There are many different ways to explore and contemplate our lives, and there are just as many different methods to capture and inscribe this process. You could write it all out, like Annie Dillard did in her compelling memoir, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. The descriptions of her solitary walks are marvelously detailed. And when she …


The Rise of the Visual – Again and Again

We live in a time when communication, expression, and rhetoric have come off the page. The technologies of ink and paper have given way to a screen-based world in which the messages we send and receive became more hybridized – pages of pure text gave way to web ‘pages’ that mixed text with images – …


Where to Start? | Hunting & Gathering

We live our lives pushing away and filtering out stimulation, immersed in the practical task of getting from here to there. We fall into daily patterns and habits that often give us tunnel vision and shut out experience of the present moment in a complex world. In order to inhabit the demands of a world …


Getting Lost

A Field Guide to Getting Lost
Rebecca Solnit

We live in a world that refuses us the possibility of getting lost. Or at least its getting harder, and the undercurrents of our daily lives suggest that getting or being lost is a condition, a hazard, that modern technology can wipe out. Sort of like eradicating polio or …


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In short, this site focuses on photography and creativity, and is meant to appeal particularly to those with an interest in work that can in someway be understood as incorporating autobiography and memoir. The writing here is an expression of my fascination (obsession?) with our common urge to capture and inscribe our experiences, and to …