The Origins of an Imagined Landscape

imagining the place
(or the day the madonna appeared on my computer screen)
I remember fumbling my way through the door and out into the bright sunlit corridor, astonished by my abrupt re-entry back into the physical world. It was the spring of 1994 and I’d just spent the last hour in a darkened room staring wide-eyed …

soapbox / studio

Scratching the surface, or the deeper dive?

Art making is a research process. Its a form of inquiry. Its an approach to exploring and knowing the world by way of methods that are distinctly different from those practiced in the realms of science and technology; methods that might be visual, performative, non-verbal, non-linear, or even intuitive. Yet these modes of research, synthesis, …


FlagrantWorld | Hymn 43

network-based, self-assembling, database-driven electronic book

How do/can emergent technologies alter our basic vocabulary? Specifically, how might electronic social networks and their associated technologies allow us to think differently about what a book is or might be? Do these new technologies allow us to construct new and different ways to think about storytelling and …