Breath | Holding

Breath | Holding | my valentine to a much beloved teacher, mentor, friend

I wish I could say that when I arrived at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early 1980’s to attend graduate school, that I knew exactly who Larry Sultan was. But the truth is that I didn’t. This hardly seems plausible now, …

soapbox / studio

Scratching the surface, or the deeper dive?

Art making is a research process. Its a form of inquiry. Its an approach to exploring and knowing the world by way of methods that are distinctly different from those practiced in the realms of science and technology; methods that might be visual, performative, non-verbal, non-linear, or even intuitive. Yet these modes of research, synthesis, …


The Rise of the Visual – Again and Again

We live in a time when communication, expression, and rhetoric have come off the page. The technologies of ink and paper have given way to a screen-based world in which the messages we send and receive became more hybridized – pages of pure text gave way to web ‘pages’ that mixed text with images – …


Getting Lost

A Field Guide to Getting Lost
Rebecca Solnit

We live in a world that refuses us the possibility of getting lost. Or at least its getting harder, and the undercurrents of our daily lives suggest that getting or being lost is a condition, a hazard, that modern technology can wipe out. Sort of like eradicating polio or …