Your Visual Vocabulary | Reflecting on Keywords

Image | Writing Exercise

Sift through your image archive, selecting images that particularly jump out to you as interesting. You don’t need to think deeply about this, just go with your gut instincts or visual cues. Try to select fairly quickly and intuitively. Don’t be precious, be playful. This is not an examination, just an exploration. …


Self-reflection | Self-knowledge

For all of us, it begins with a vague fascination with taking photographs. In some cases it might be closer to a compulsion or even obsession. The visual world fascinates us, organizing our impressions and capturing the experience is endlessly seductive. If we are disciplined, and a bit lucky, our personal image archive begins to …


Visual Exercise | 10 Things I Saw Today

Exercise: Starting today, begin shooting at least 10 photographs a day.

I am always surprised by how many people seem initially overwhelmed by this. If you are inclined to panic, don’t. It may seem intimidating, even insurmountable at first. But that generally goes away pretty quickly. It will probably start to feel …


Writing | Picturing | Inscribing

There are many different ways to explore and contemplate our lives, and there are just as many different methods to capture and inscribe this process. You could write it all out, like Annie Dillard did in her compelling memoir, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. The descriptions of her solitary walks are marvelously detailed. And when she …


Where to Start? | Hunting & Gathering

We live our lives pushing away and filtering out stimulation, immersed in the practical task of getting from here to there. We fall into daily patterns and habits that often give us tunnel vision and shut out experience of the present moment in a complex world. In order to inhabit the demands of a world …